Tools to back-up your brain

Self improvement made easy.

Develop good behaviors and kick the bad ones with Toodledo Habits. Keep a daily log of your health, exercise, or productivity. Monitor your progress with graphs and charts to see how well you're doing at keeping your New Year's Resolutions or other commitments.

  • Get reminder alarms to do certain habits
  • Schedule habits for certain days
  • View charts and graphs of your progress

Record your good and bad behaviors.

Habits can be recorded as checkboxes, numerical inputs or star ratings. Each time you succeed, a link is added to your chain. Don't break the chain!

Remind yourself to keep it up.

Schedule your habits to appear in your inbox every day, or just certain days. Set alarms to make sure you never forget to keep up with your habits.

Visualize your progress.

As you record your habits over time, the line graphs and color-coded charts will show your progress. See if you've turned your good behaviors into permanent habits.

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