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Keep track of anything with customized lists.

Build your own customizable lists with Toodledo Lists. Choose from over 20 different fields, such as rich text, numbers, dates, or star ratings. Lists are perfect for keeping track of shopping, inventory, contacts and much more.

  • Create custom inventory lists
  • Keep a contact list
  • Share lists with your collaborators

Customize your list with specific columns.

With custom column types, you can make a list that can do exactly what you need. Use numerical columns to get automatic calculations, or add a tag, date or star. Add a phone number and you can tap-to-call it on your mobile device.

Sort and filter your list.

Is your list getting long? Quickly turn filters on and off to show only what you need to see. Quickly search for the row that you need. Sort your lists to show the most important items first.

Automatically calculate sums and averages.

Leave the calculator behind as Toodledo includes sums and averages for any numerical columns. Your totals are updated automatically as add or modify your list.

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