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Toodledo is the most powerful task manager that you can find. With dozens of customizable features to choose from, you can create a simple to-do list or make it as complex as you like. Work with your favorite productivity methodology or create your own customized workflow.

  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Find what to work on next
  • Remind yourself with alarms

Add tasks in plain language.

Toodledo's "Smart Add" functionality allows you to quickly add a task and it's details all at once. Simply prefix a /tag, /context, or /folder with a slash and Toodledo will figure out the rest. You can even add dates using plain language like "tomorrow" or "every other tuesday!"

Sort to find important tasks.

Powerful sort options allow you to show your tasks in the order that is most important to you. Each view can have its own different sort criteria so you can be more efficient.

Find exactly what you need.

Create your own custom search criteria to drill into your tasks and find exactly what you need at any given time. Save these as Saved Searches so you can come back to them at any time.

Filter out what you don't need.

Quickly hide and show tasks as you need them. Keep future tasks hidden, or show tasks that you recently checked off. Filter by context or tag to focus your attention on what's important right now.

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