Tools to back-up your brain

Plan your projects and stay organized.

Organize big projects with Toodledo Outlines. Add hierarchy to your plan and quickly reorder items with drag and drop. Collapse sections to focus on what you need, and check items off as you go.

  • Share outlines with collaborators
  • Search for content within an outline
  • Hide and show checked items

Quickly build and structure outlines.

Add and organize items quickly using your keyboard or mouse. Conveniently drag and drop rows into different sections. Once your outline is built you can switch to Presentation mode for a clean display.

Create reusable templates.

Create an outline and then duplicate it each time you need to run through a checklist. Or quickly un-check all the items in an outline to return it to the starting state. Share these templates with collaborators.

Hide items as you check them off.

Quickly expand or collapse the sections of an outline to focus on what's important. Hide or show items that you have already checked off for a clean display.

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