Back-up your brain on the go.

Toodledo on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Access the entire Toodledo Productivity System on your iPhone or iPad. You can even add or check off tasks from your Apple Watch. Our native iOS app automatically syncs to ensures that your stuff is ready anywhere that you need it.

All our products in one app.

Our official Toodledo App puts your Tasks, Notes, Lists, Outlines and Habits all in one place, right at your fingertips. Add content on the go, and sync with the website automatically.


Task reminders arrive right on time.


Your Hotlist is only a glance away.


Check off tasks the moment you complete them.

"...the most impressive element of Toodledo; somehow, it doesn't feel like "settings overload"-I feel fully empowered to customize the app to match exactly my desired workflow."

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Supported Features

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Lists
  • Outlines
  • Habits
  • Hotlist
  • Repeating Tasks
  • Reminders / Alarms
  • Filter / Sort / Search
  • Folders / Contexts
  • Stars / Tags / Notes
  • Priority / Length
  • Start / Due Dates
  • Status / Goals
  • Subtasks 1
  • Collaboration 1, 2

1 Requires a Silver Subscription or higher

2 Partially supported

Take your tasks on the go.

Toodledo puts your to-dos on your wrist with Apple Watch. Get task reminders, check off your to-dos and see your hotlist wherever you go.

Apple Watch App

What else can I do on my iOS device?

  • Get notifications and alarms
  • Use Siri to add a task
  • Add a Today Widget for Toodledo

Working with a team? Check out our advanced subscription options.